Working with you

Resolve Poverty is a leading voice on poverty in the UK with a track record of working with local and regional public bodies and other organisations to strengthen strategic and policy responses to poverty.

We can work with you in the following ways:

Resolve Poverty supports organisations to develop anti-poverty strategies building on our 2023 report, Local anti-poverty strategies: good practice and effective approaches. The report sets out new thinking on anti-poverty strategy development for local authorities, regional public bodies such as combined authorities and other organisations wanting to develop a plan for tackling poverty. It sets out a framework for effective anti-poverty strategy development with 12 clear steps based on good practice from around the UK.

We have used this report to support anti-poverty strategy development in Bolton. You can read more about what we did and testimonial from Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council here. From defining poverty and its drivers through to ensuring effective accountability and monitoring processes are in place, we can work with you to put this framework into practice and ensure the strategy leads to meaningful impact.

By working with us, you will get:

  • Support to develop an anti-poverty strategy for your organisation or region, which outlines how to deliver an effective response to poverty at a local level
  • Guidance on how to implement the strategy to ensure it delivers for those in need
  • Support integrating the strategy throughout your organisation, meaning the strategy will align with other relevant work, policies and procedures
  • Ongoing strategic oversight from our policy and research team on the development and implementation of the strategy
  • Our advice on how to engage those with lived experience of poverty in a meaningful and ethical way, to scrutinise and offer guidance on the anti-poverty strategy to ensure it is working best for your locality.

To find out more about working with us, please contact Thomas Waring at

Our work has also been used by councils from Sefton to Stockton to inform their approaches to anti-poverty strategy development. We used our anti-poverty strategy framework to inform work for NHS Greater Manchester on how the organisation can ensure tackling poverty is a strategic priority, demonstrating the relevance of our work to other types of organisations beyond local authorities. You can read more about our work for NHS Greater Manchester here.

At Resolve Poverty we know that the socio-economic duty can act as a powerful tool for addressing poverty and creating a fairer society. Our report published in partnership with Just Fair illustrates the impact effective implementation of the duty can have. From enabling Merseyside Fire and Rescue to recruit more people from low income backgrounds into the fire service, through to Hartlepool Council using it to shape budgetary decisions, the duty is your ally if you want to secure internal buy-in for anti poverty work and improve outcomes for low-income residents and service users.

We are campaigning for enaction of the socio-economic duty, which is contained in Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010, by the UK Government. If enacted, the duty would legally require public authorities to consider the way their decisions increase or decrease inequalities that result from socio-economic disadvantage.

Through our work we are supporting local public bodies to voluntarily adopt the duty and maximise the impact it can have through effective implementation. Many local authorities have taken this step.

Building on our guide to implementation, we provide implementation support by:

  • Training your organisation to understand the duty, and how you can use the adoption of the duty to address socio-economic disadvantage
  • Review your organisation’s policies and procedures and produce guidance on where the duty can be integrated into these
  • Support the organisation to gather and understand data and case studies which can be used effectively as a tool for decision-making and accountability around adopting the duty
  • Providing resources which can be used in your future work to ensure the adoption of the duty has the best possible impact
  • Supporting your organisation to measure the impact of adopting the duty on tackling socio-economic disadvantage.

Established in 2021, our Local Authority Officers’ Forum provides a dedicated space to convene Greater Manchester’s ten local authorities and the combined authority around the poverty agenda, hear from external speakers around the UK on different poverty-related themes, and stimulate discussion about what more can be done to prevent and reduce poverty in local areas.

The forum objectives are to: 

  • Generate a greater awareness of best practices and innovative approaches to preventing and reducing poverty among local authorities in Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 
  • Inspire authorities to prioritise issues raised in the forum and act, drawing on best practices and policies showcased in the forum.

Topics discussed at the forum include developing and implementing local anti-poverty strategies, Council Tax support schemes and maximising the effectiveness of the Household Support Fund.

We are always looking for contributors and subject matter experts to present and partake in the forum discussion on topics that fall within our key policy areas, especially local authorities, combined authorities, anti-poverty organisations, and academics with a research interest in poverty. The forum meets every two months.

If you would like to learn more about the forum or are interested in presenting, contact Penny Rimmer at