Strategic partners

Resolve Poverty is working with organisations on long-term strategic and policy responses to poverty.

In line with our mission to realise the potential of localities and regions in ending poverty nationally, we develop strategic partnerships with public sector and other organisations so that we can support them with anti-poverty work over multiple years. This involves either strategic, policy or training support, or a combination of these.

Ongoing strategic support from Resolve Poverty can enable your organisation to plan anti-poverty efforts for the long-term, building on our leading work in developing local anti-poverty strategies and supporting regional public bodies to consider their role in tackling poverty.

Two organisations we are supporting in this way are NHS Greater Manchester and Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC).

  • Our strategic partnership with NHS Greater Manchester involves identifying ways in which the health service can reduce poverty through employment and procurement practices and the way in which services are designed and delivered. It is leading to Poverty Awareness Training for hundreds of health professionals, equipping them with the knowledge they need to support low income patients and respond to financial and other challenges they may be facing through effective signposting.
  • Our strategic partnership with Bolton MBC involves facilitating their anti-poverty partnership group, providing strategic oversight and building evidence for national advocacy. We co-developed the anti-poverty strategy with the council and key local public and VCSE sector partners prior to June 2024. Over the lifetime of the strategy our partnership will involve strengthening coordination among stakeholders tackling poverty, assessing the strategy and adjusting for maximum effectiveness, and using local evidence to influence national policy – amplifying Bolton’s efforts on a larger scale.