Poverty Truth Commissions

Poverty Truth Commissions (PTCs)

Poverty Truth Commissions (PTCs) create a space to meaningfully bring together people with different experiences, knowledge, and power. In these spaces, people who have had experience of living in poverty come together with senior civic, political and business leaders on an equal footing.

We facilitated the Tameside PTC between October 2021 and November 2022. You can read the PTC’s report here, as well as the “What If?” poem written and shared by commissioners about their reflections and experiences of poverty.

The Tameside PTC identified significant findings and made recommendations for positive change in Tameside. These include:

  • To create a Tameside Poverty Charter for local organisations to commit to, including involving people with lived experience of poverty in decision making. (This has now been established by Tameside Council).
  • To develop poverty awareness training with lived experience input, for frontline and other relevant staff in Tameside support services. (Tameside Council have designed a training session with input from PTC commissioners, for wider rollout across the workforce).
  • To declare a poverty emergency in Tameside.