Our Values

As an organisation we seek to live our values (set out below). These values inform the culture at Resolve Poverty and how we work together and communicate internally. They ensure we have collective expectations of standards and approaches to working. They also shape how we communicate externally and inform critical organisational decisions.

What we are good at


We are ambitious for the people of Greater Manchester, that’s why our vision is of a city region where all people can access the benefits and opportunities of living here. We are ambitious for Resolve Poverty as an organisation because we believe that the work we do can directly contribute to realising that vision.


We are committed to the principles we know will enable us to realise our vision. This means that we reflect our principles through the organisations we work with, the activities we choose to undertake and through the work we deliver. We practice what we preach, by being a Real Living Wage employer and ensuring our employment practices meet the needs of employees and the organisation.


We are committed to working collaboratively, both internally and externally. This means that we seek to engage others in the work that we’re doing, building alliances and networks as appropriate. This requires a commitment to being communicative, responsive and supportive when working with colleagues and external stakeholders.

Optimistic and Positive

We are working to change things for the better. In spite of the challenges we may face, we are positive about the change we can achieve and optimistic for Greater Manchester as a place. We don’t shy away from celebrating and sharing our achievements and the positive activities that are happening in the city region.


We support others to realise their potential, providing opportunities for personal and professional development. This requires us to be inclusive and accepting.

Professional and flexible

We provide a flexible working environment based on a commitment to working professionally across the team. We believe a flexible approach to working enables people to work in a way that maximises their productivity and ability to deliver their work to high standards.