Business Development Executive

Tom is our Business Development Executive, meaning he’s responsible for our training, consultancy and events offers. Through all these offers, Resolve Poverty shares our expertise and supports others in their efforts to fight poverty. Tom cares deeply about how we can make actual, positive change for those in poverty. Therefore, he’s particularly proud of the way that Resolve Poverty puts the voice of those experiencing poverty at the centre of our work, and our focus on supporting others to tackle poverty in a strategic way.

Before Resolve Poverty, he worked in a number of roles within the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE). His previous role was at Macc, supporting the VCSE to play its part in building a fairer economy in the city of Manchester.

Tom’s often listening to music, and that music is often from the 80s/70s/60s/50s. At the minute he’s consuming everything that XTC ever recorded. Also he’s trying, very slowly, to learn Italian, and make good pasta.