Our strategy

Poverty is a blight on the UK, damaging lives and holding individuals back from realising their potential. It limits the country economically and socially and its impacts are felt locally as well as nationally. Eradicating poverty should be a national mission. Resolve Poverty believes passionately that localities have a central role to play within such a mission. 

Resolve Poverty is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers locally and regionally focused anti-poverty activities across the UK. Our current strategy runs from June 2024 to June 2028. It sets out our vision and mission for and the ways in which we work towards these. 


Resolve Poverty’s vision is to maximise the impact of local responses to poverty in order to resolve poverty nationally.


We know that localities have a central role to play in resolving poverty. Our mission is to realise the potential of localities and regions by strengthening the ability of local and regional stakeholders to end poverty. We make it our business to increase knowledge across sectors to foster local collaborative strategic, policy and practical responses to resolving poverty, with a focus on improving the financial position of low-income households. 

Strategic priorities and aims

Building on our experiences and expertise, we have identified three strategic priorities that are central to maximising the role of localities in tackling poverty and where Resolve Poverty can have impact: 

What we do

We will work to these strategic priorities through three interdependent strands:

  • Advocacy, policy and research
  • Programmes
  • Knowledge development.

Theory of change

At a local and regional level we make change happen by working in partnership with relevant stakeholders, including local authorities, combined authorities and other parts of the public sector.

At a national level we influence government policy by joining with other organisations as part of national campaign groups such as the End Child Poverty coalition and the 1forEquality group to campaign on specific issues.