Our impact

Resolve Poverty plays a vital role in bringing stakeholders together to effectively garner support and focus for initiatives, within organisations and between partners

Resolve Poverty is a nationally recognised leader on poverty and exists to end poverty in the UK.

Backed by the support of our partners and stakeholders, we’ve developed a range of anti-poverty activities since we were set up in Greater Manchester in 2016.  

We influence the development and implementation by councils and other public bodies of anti-poverty strategies and the socio-economic duty:

We create spaces for a stronger focus on policy responses to poverty:

  • Our most recent annual conference was attended by 170+ professionals and volunteers from across the country.

We develop programmes around boosting household income:

  • Our Money Matters programme has helped families to access over £350,000 in benefits they didn’t know they were entitled to.

A trusted advocate driving the agenda

A leading and extremely influential voice

We share our leading expertise in how to best prevent and reduce poverty: 

  • Our fortnightly newsletter goes to 2.6k+ professionals, volunteers and individuals actively engaged in tackling poverty across the UK  
  • Via our training offer, we’ve equipped 300+ people across sectors with the knowledge and best practice needed to tackle poverty.

We embed the voices of people with lived experience of poverty in decision-making structures:

  • Recently establishing a Poverty Reference Group for Greater Manchester to create a sustainable mechanism for influencing local decision-making.

We promote widespread adoption of the Living Wage:

Resolve Poverty provide principled and well-evidenced leadership in terms of tackling poverty

"Resolve Poverty raise the difficult issues and challenge organisations to do more"