October 4, 2022

Changing Realities

What can we do about the cost-of-living crisis?

By Uisce Jordan, Changing Realities Project

Uisce Jordan for GM Poverty Action

Uisce Jordan, Changing Realities Project

The release of the Chancellor’s ‘mini-budget’ on the September 23rd has left me, and many others, feeling quite helpless as we worry about rising levels of poverty and inequality. As media increasingly reports on the cost of living emergency it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and isolated. That is why now, more than ever, genuinely participatory projects such as ‘Changing Realities’ are important.

Changing Realities is an opportunity for families struggling and those living on low-incomes to join as a collective voice and advocate for real change. The project brings together experts by experience with researchers, artists, and Child Poverty Action Group to make change happen. By nature of being an online project, it also allows us to connect with people from all across the UK. I am based in Belfast and can understand how, despite certain differences in the social security system in Northern Ireland, we face many of the same difficulties as people from other parts of the UK. By connecting online, we become a larger community that can laugh together, learn from each other, and share experiences, good and bad.

What’s involved?

We share the everyday realities of life on a low income, but we also want to try to change things – improving the lives of those struggling to get by. Together we discuss solutions to the issues affecting people such as housing, work, low-wages, childcare, food, health, fuel, debt and access to public services. We accomplish this through online diaries, virtual workshops, skill-building activities and much more. We support people to speak directly to the media about the reality of living on a low income. You can do as much or as little as feels right for you.

If you’re a parent or carer with children under 19, and you’re on a low income, we’d really like to work with you, please get in touch for more details. Together, we can document the realities of this cost-of-living crisis.

Email: changing-realities-project@york.ac.uk Twitter: @changing_r

Changing Realities is funded by abrdn Financial Fairness Trust.